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Meet Idaho's longest running women's choir

The Idaho Falls Choralaires is the longest running all-women’s choir in Idaho. We have been providing over 100 years of musical wonder to Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas.

The Choralaires is a non-denominational community choir. Not a choir for beginners, Choralaires members are expected to have previous choral experience and must audition with the director. Practice requirements are intensive and all music is memorized. Women in the choir vary in age from 18-70+.

The choir presents two free concerts for the community each year. The first concert is held in the spring and the second concert is held at Christmas time.  The Choralaires also set aside time to serve the community by performing at area senior living facilities. The Choralaires also help young musicians by awarding a scholarship annually through The Idaho Falls Music Club.


Meet the Director

Lisa Humpherys is the current Idaho Falls Choralaires director. Tasked with music selection and organizing our many events, Lisa keeps the choir on track and prepared for each performance.

Having been involved with the Choralaires for more than 15 years, Lisa's extraordinary talent and musical aptitude has been a blessing to the Idaho Falls Choralaires.

Christmas Season 2023

1st Soprano

Nikki Allred

Brenda Dawson

Melissa Fullmer

Danielle Hinkson

Cathy Jensen

Nancy Killpack*

Janice Kunde

Angela Lackey

Maddy Longmore

Brooke Louderback

Olivia McCall

Brooke Mullen

Kaylee Nield*

Erin Roberts

Shay Traue*

Katie Weber

Mechelle Welch*

Katie Williams

2nd Soprano

Kristen Barney*

Jennifer Belnap

Bobette Carney*

Elise Durschi

Cara Havens

Shalaee Mittag*

Nicole Newell

Dianne Nichols

Kara Purcell

Shanna Rekow

Kathaleen Rice*

Kallie Skousen

Kendra Smith

Bev Solomon

Rose Whitman*

Sabrina Whitman

1st Alto

Martha Arave*

Makenzie Anderson

Melanie Belnap*

Ronda Bishop*

Marie Black*

Heidi Blue

Julie Fielding*

Elicia Hancock*

Holly Hancock*

Kali Hathaway

Heather Linchenko

Pam Marley*

Janet Rigby*

Tracy Rivera

Shelese Southwick

Lori Stephenson

2nd Alto

Gerrolyn Anderson

Mary Anderson

Kathryn Berggren

Anita Burke

Meya Fitgerald

Maren Henderson

Eden Howard

Maureen Jenkins

Ellen Knapp

Sheri Long

*  Denotes Board Member     

We also have many people who help us behind the scenes. We appreciate all their hard work for what they do for us!

Our concerts wouldn't be the same without them. Thanks for all you do!

Come meet us at our next concert!

  • Christmas with the Choralaires
    Christmas with the Choralaires
    Mon, Dec 11
    Dec 11, 2023, 7:00 PM – 8:20 PM
    Ammon, 2800 Owen St, Ammon, ID 83406, USA
    Dec 11, 2023, 7:00 PM – 8:20 PM
    Ammon, 2800 Owen St, Ammon, ID 83406, USA
    Come join us in celebrating the Christmas season! Concert begins at 7 pm, doors open at 6:30! Cant wai to see you there!
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