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Soprano 1 - February 23, 2023

Overall, watch vibrato, sometimes we are sounding flat because there is too much vibrato. Shape vowels taller and rounder. Example: the word weary in Bridge Over Troubled Water is sounding like weareeeeeeeeeeeee. Shape it more like "weareh." Be very careful of scooping. I heard quite a bit last night, especially on Forever Country. Watch breath marks, and use really good breath support. Sing with energy!

Forever Country:

-Stress "Mountain" in the phrase "mountain mama"

-Round tones, especially on the world belong

-measure 14 punch the word "blue"

-measure 130 let's get those notes solid!

-measure 137 we need to work on notes and rhythm


-page 8 measure 65 and 69 we are adding "lalala's" to the right hand piano part.

-page 6 the "uh oh's" we get it by ourselves, but fitting it in with the rest of the choir is seeming to be a struggle. Let's blow Lisa away next time!

-We do not sing the melody for part of the song. We sing higher, and the seconds have the melody.

-Don't drag the rhythm

Erie Canal:

-measure 12, fall off the slide

-measure 51 watch the rhythm

-Make louds loud and softs soft so there is a big difference between dynamics

-Tell the story and have fun!

Troubled Water:

-measure 28 notes and rhythm

-sing "down" like "dahn" and close to "n"

-measure 24 sign with lots of air and very gentle

-watch all of the crescendos. Example: the word "sailing" is on a crescendo so the "ing" should be louder than "sail"

-measure 10 watch the 1/8th rest!

-measure 51-53 we sing the top note

-measure 61-62 notes, don't over sing


-Practice, practice, practice the first part of the song, particularly measure 11-19

-measure 33 notes, it's different than the first time we sing it

-emphasis down-UH

-measure 67 get off the note

-measure 46 and 62 the last note is lower than we are singing. It's also unison with the 2nds

-measure 74, 79-81 notes

-Don't add unnecessary moves. Sing the notes as written, not like the original song

Never One Thing:

-Watch rests and breaths

-Whisper in the beginning

-Lots of strong/weaks

-measure 44 notes

-The movement on the word "honey" is on the "ney" not "hon" this sounds so good when we all sing it the same way!

-measure 119 2nds have the melody, we sing higher than the melody


You ladies are awesome!! Have a wonderful week!!

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