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Soprano 1 - March 2, 2023

Hello everyone! Here's some notes from Thursday's practice:

Overall, we need to make sure we sing with a narrow mouth with a round, very open tone. Note-wise, our part is usually the simplest because we typically have the melody, but tone-wise, our part is the most difficult because if we're singing with a wide mouth and shallow space, it's the most noticeable.

One thing that helps me is to watch my mouth in the mirror or on my phone while I'm practicing. It helps me see how narrow my mouth is and helps me be more conscious of how much space I'm singing with. Please try that this week and let me know if you found it beneficial.

Troubled Water- solidify rhythm and dynamics. Make sure we enter and cut off phrases with Lisa. Work on measures 24 & 25, measure 62, and page 6.

Never One Thing- remember that the moving note is on "ney" of the word "honey" and not on "hon." Observe rests and dynamics. Measures 45 & 46, make sure to nail those moving notes. Work on notes on measures 61 & 62, and measures 119 & 120. Work on the "ooh's" and "dee's" and make sure the notes and counting are correct.

Remember that we're in unison with the 2nds until measure 39.

Singin the 70's- Work on notes on measures 14, 17, 18, & 53. Remember that the word "river" is 2 notes, not 3. Observe rests and avoid sliding.

You Will Be Found- solidify notes and dynamics. Work on having a very round, open tone. I like to think of the sound as going through the top of my head, and then out to the audience and that helps me have more open space. Watch Lisa and you'll get the counting!

Measure 64, move on the word "home" and not the word "you."

God's Critters- solidify rhythm, pitch, and text. Follow Lisa!

Thank you so much ladies! I'm so happy to hear our section get better and better with each practice!

Please remember that we have sectionals on March 16th, and March 30th from 5:45-6:45 PM in the chapel. We will actually be doing the combined 1sts and 2nds sectional on the 16th instead of the 30th, and our own sectional on the 30th.

Please respond with your favorite holiday so I know you read this. Thank you!

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