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Soprano 2 - February 16, 2023


Sop 2 sectional on March 9 at 5:45 (come for as much as you can). Let me know of any specific songs/areas you would like to work on.

Remember to have rounded vowels and don't scoop on the entrance notes.

Remember to cut off with Lisa. Don't hold a note too long or too short.

when I put S/W or W/S in my notes, it means strong/weak sound on the word/phrase

the parts recordings (CD or on the members page on the on helpful for timing and notes


For next week, try to memorize Landslide, The Erie Canal, and Forever Country.


light and bouncy sound

don't drag

on the entrances ("when", "bring", "life"), punch/accentuate the notes

p8 m48 pitch on "give" and pay attention to the rest after "give" p13 m88 we spilt on "sing a song" p13 m89 pay attention to the rest so we come back in on time p15 m104-105 be solid on the notes TIME IN A BOTTLE light and tender sound dynamics big breaths/stagger breathing oo's - more of a who sound (helps with the tone) p7 m70 and p10 m105 decrescendo p7 m81 hold it for all 3 counts SIMPLE GIFTS dynamics rounded vowels, especially be and de words "valley" S/W p2 m13 pitch up p4 m30 pitch on "twill" (it's unison) p4 "where we ought to be" notes - be solid, all together LANDSLIDE timing pay attention the rests and carry overs p2 m9-10 "my love and I took" are all the same note p5 m33-35 no breath p5-6 m40-45 "uh-oh" light sound/almost staccato on "uh" p7 timing (parts recording will help) p10 m86 notes THE ERIE CANAL round tones annunciate each "erie" p2-3 m3-8 pitch/notes p6 m27-30 no breath before "hey" p7 m35 quick breath between "neighbor" and "you'll" p14-15 notes FOREVER COUNTRY no breath in the phrase "country roads....I belong" (stagger) p5 m46 "a miners" notes p10 m103-132 low sop 2's sing with the altos BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER p3 m9 no breath p4-5 m18-19 pitch (especially on "found" and "a") p6-7 m28-33 timing and notes p10 m49 timing p12 m62 notes and timing -- Kristen BarneySop 2 Section Leader

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