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Soprano 2 - March 2, 2023

I feel like we turned a corner this week with our music. Practice, practice, practice! Trust your brains to memorize the music. The sooner we can put down our music, the more we can polish the songs by following Lisa...that's when the magic happens.

For next week, try to have the following songs memorized: Harriet Tubman, You Will Be Found, and A Place in the Choir.

Solo auditions next week (3/9) at 6:00. Plan to sing all 6 solos in Never One Thing and solos in Friendship. Lisa wants to hear all the solos to get a better idea of what voices work best on each solo.

Remember that we are allowed 3 Thursday night absences each season. Please make it a priority to attend each week and know your music. Every single one of us is a crucial member of the choir.


carry the notes their full counts, especially at the end of the phrases

p6 m28 timing ("my friend" is faster than we think)

p8 m41 notes ("a" is not flat)

p11 m59 pitch on "time"

p12 m62 pitch on "on their way"


the choir will NOT be clapping

pay special attention to the rests

bouncy sound

emphasize the main words (example.,,"I am the RICH")

"peace" - barely any s sound


baby prounced baybeh, baybee

p3-4 m10-18 timing

p8 m49 pitch and notes

p12 m74 "river" no move on "er"

p13 m80-83 pitch on "baby", come back in quick on "just" after the rest; no breath "name I'll"


timing (watch Lisa, as she might direct it slightly different than normal)

p6-7 m27-33 Lisa says "if you can't hit the notes clearly, don't sing" (mouth the words if needed)

p8 m40 notes

p10 sing with the alto's

p11 m57 pitch, especially on "across"

p12 m65 two home (home, home)

p13 m70 pitch on "you"

p14 m77-79 no breath until the rest at "the" (stagger the breathing)

p18 m95-97 whisper sing

p18 m102 pitch (lower than the alto's) - we can't get the move right on m103 if we don't start out correctly



start out slow and speed up as we go (watch Lisa)

Thanks for reading. I hope these notes help you each week. If you read the entire email, please reply. See you next week.

--Kristen Barney

Sop 2 Section Leader

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