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Soprano 1 - January 20, 2023

Hello everyone! Just a couple things to remember while practicing this week-

1. Try to make sure you're singing with lots of open space and good breath support.

2. Make sure to get the rhythms down in our music. Make sure to cut off when Lisa cuts us off because our section tends to hold notes out when we don't need to.

3. Practice singing with hardly any vibrato. Vibrato is beautiful in solos but it doesn't make for a pretty, unified sound while singing in a choir.

4. Make sure to not over sing. You shouldn't have a hoarse voice after each practice. If you can feel your voice getting tired throughout practice, tone it down a bit and that should help.

I'm going to try to hold a sectional the beginning of February. I'll let you know the date for sure by next week.

Thanks ladies! Love you all!

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