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Soprano 2 notes - Jan 19, 2023

Hello ladies, Kristen Barney (sop 2 section leader) here. Section Leader notes will be emailed from and will also be posted here for easy reference. Please read to the end

Every week, I will be sending out notes from practice. These notes will include areas to be aware of, practice extra, things Lisa wants us to know, etc.

A little about my notations:

"notes" means that something is off with the notes or they need extra practice

"pitch" means we tend to be flat or sharp on the pitch

"timing" means we are struggling with the timing or the timing needs extra attention

"m" is measure

"p" is page

Some things to be aware of in general

* Please don't hum or sing your part, or talk, while Lisa is practicing with other sections. It makes it hard for Lisa to hear what is really going on with the sound and can be distracting to others. Even quiet humming can be louder that you think.

* Lisa likes us to have a nice round and mature sound. You can do this by rounding out your mouth and vowels when you sing.

* It is easy to go flat on high notes. Think high, raise your eyebrows, reach over the notes, etc.

* Remember not to wear scents (perfume, lotions, oils, etc). There are ladies in our choir that are sensitive to scents, which cause sinus problems, breathing problems, and headaches.

* Wednesday morning practices are extremely beneficial; please attend them as much as possible.

* We will hold a sectional at least once per month. Please do your best to attend and let me know of any specific songs or areas you would like to work on during sectionals. Our sectionals will be at 5:45pm on Feb 9, March 9, and April 13.

* When we split as a section (stems down, unless Lisa says otherwise), split as follows:

HIGH NOTES: Angel, Cara, Rose, Stacey, Shalaee, Kendra, Jennifer, Emily

LOW NOTES: Bobette, Kallie, Kathaleen, Caroline, Dianne, Nicole, Kara, Kristen

* For next week, Lisa has asked us to work on the following:

Harriet Tubman

You Will Be Found

Singin' the 70's

Never One Thing

Bridge Over Troubled Water

the ones we sang last week (listed below)

Now, for the song notes:

Sing a Song: p5 m20 pitch on A / p6 m31, p9 m57, p12, m79, p14 m96 don't forget to say "yeah" / p7 m45 notes on "re-triev" / p8 m48 "give" is fast, quick breath to follow / p11 and p13-15 split / p12 timing / p15 m104-105 notes

Time In A Bottle: "soft and etherial sound" - Lisa / oo's soft and quiet with a round tone / p2 m8, p11 m27 pitch up on D / p9 m90 key change (up a 1/2 step)

Simple Gifts: pay attention to the breath marks ( ' ) / pitch on the high notes / p3 m17 Lisa says "learn it well!" / first line is sop 1 & 2 / m11-12 and m24 split

The Erie Canal: p4 m18, p5 m22 pitch on "canal" / p6 m29-30 pitch on "hey" (same as "to") / p7-8 m35-38, p12-13 notes and pitch / p9 m50, p10 m54 different that the others in that section

Landslide: p6-7 timing - know where the downbeat is. It helped me to write the timing and put a line in my music where each down beat is

Forever Country: p4 m31-33, p7 m63-65, p9 m93-95 all sop2 take the alto line on "I belong. West Virginia, Mountain Mama" / p5-6 timing / p13 part 1 is sop2, part 2 is alto 1, 2, descant is sop 1

If you read the entire email, please reply. Thank you. See you next week!

Kristen Barney (Sop 2 Section Leader)

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