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Soprano 2 notes - Jan 26, 2023

Hello! I am LOVING our music this season. My favorite song this season is Never One Thing. The notes from the arranger says this song "is about the personal revolution of accepting and caring for all parts of ourselves". This speaks to me in so many ways. Just a reminder that we will have a section practice on February 9, March 9, and April 13 at 5:45. Please let me know if you have any specific areas/songs you would like to work on. Here are my notes from this week's practices.


pay special attention to the timing no breath "place I belong", "Virginia mountain" p5 m44 "they gather", p5 m46 "a miner's", p6 m50 "it's dark", p6 m54 "misty" - timing (fast) p10-11 add low sop 2 (Bobette, Kristen, Kallie, Kathaleen, Caroline, Dianne, Nicole, Kara) p12 m131 notes and timing (D comes on count 4) p12-15 be solid on the timing HARRIET TUBMAN: no vibrato pay special attention to dynamics, especially on p7 slide the slurs (listen to the sample CD) come onnn up (accent the nnn) p3 m4, p6 m39, p8 m52 note (C) on come p5 m23, 27 no breath "huh a" p5 m32 pitch up on "for the" p6 m33 no breath "ground rail" YOU WILL BE FOUND: no solos (everyone sing on solo parts) soft, gentle sound pay special attention to timing pay attention to the rests (get off the notes quick unless it's supposed to be held out) know where the notes move in the phrases p3 m14 "so" is a quarter note (different that written) p5 m23, 25, p11 m60, 62 get off the note quickly p10 add all sop 2 p12 m65 "home, home" p13 m69 stay on the G on "you" (we tend to want to move like other areas of the song) p13 m71 clear change, no slides when moving up and down p17 m96 "someone", not "a friend" p18 m102 notes SINGIN' THE 70'S: know where the notes move in the phrases p3 m10, 12 "hoo" is on the up beat p4 m17 "oo oo" same notes; pitch on "world" (world is on the up beat) p6 m33-34 pitch/notes p11 m64-67 no "earth" (continue to sing around intead); notes NEVER ONE THING: Lisa said there will likely be solos in this song practice with the sample CD timing p5-6 at square B, we can sing with sop 1 or alto if you'd like to -- Kristen BarneySop 2 Section Leader Idaho Falls Choralaires 208-313-4017

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