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Alto 1 - February 16, 2023

We are holding a sectional practice next Thursday, February 23, at 6:00pm, for all Altos (1 & 2). I know this is short notice. Lisa has been making comments and dropping a lot of hints the last few days that she needs us to get some parts down better. Please come if you can make it.

By next Thursday, we need to memorize Landslide, Erie Canal, and Forever Country.

All altos need a rounder sound on all songs. When in doubt, round it out!


Should be memorized. Keep working on getting it perfect.

We need a light, up, happy feeling. Almost staccato throughout.

9, 41: attack the opening lyrics “when” and “bring”

33 & 65: Bah daps need to sound more light and fun, less hard and loud

48: “give” is super short

52-53: “Smile, smile, smile” we need to pump with breath, lift

73: peppy pulse, give a lot of breath to “sing it”

103-end: hit “song” with more bounce


Should be memorized. Keep working on getting it perfect.

All “ooo”s very light. More air behind them.

Unison needs to be exactly together.

Only breathe on the rests throughout song.

38 & 74: more bright and tender when the altos are in unison.

39: take breath on the rest

54: big breath

55: rounder

70: softer on that decrescendo


Should be memorized. Keep working on getting it perfect.

Everything tall and round with a unified sound

The word “gift” needs to be sung shorter, lighter, brighter throughout song 17-23: stagger breathing

17: “gift” needs to have lift

23: “valley” punch it with a strong/weak

32: “and” not wide

32: we split on “de”. Here’s a review of who takes which note:

HIGH NOTE – Ashley, Elicia, Heidi, Julie, Kali, Kirsten, Marie, Thea

LOW NOTE – Heather, Janet, Lori, Melanie, Pam, Ronda, Shelese, Tracy

33: not too hard on last note


Memorize by Thursday

Watch the tricky timing

10: stay on D until “it”

33-35: no breathing, carry those words into the next word

41, 45: staccato “uh”

97-98: pay attention to and learn the notes


Memorize by Thursday

4-8: Say each word

15: don’t drag “got a” and enunciate the “t”

23: timing, “some” is an 1/8 note

28: no breath

37-38 (same as 69-70): three A flats in a row “on the Er”, and “Ca” is a ¼ note

44-52: Erie starts on a B; 80-86: Erie starts on a C

73: come up to the D “for we’re”


Memorize by Thursday

Throughout this song, we need to remember how long to hold notes and when to rest.

25: Practice listening for the note we come in on. It’s higher than you expect.

29: no break between “home” and “to”

43, 45, 51, 53: rests

48, 56: “way” should have a more round sound, more like “weh”

57: cut off

63, 92: hold “place”, no break before “I”

75-78, 81-84: learn the syncopated timing on these lyrics

132: “And” is a different note and timing than measures 120 & 144

121-end: practice timing and rests


Watch for those little rests throughout the song

Lots of beautiful chords, but we need to know our notes and be precise for them to sound good

21: unison on “water”

43: “trou” is a ¼ note, unlike the rest of the song where it’s an 1/8

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