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Alto 1 - February 9, 2023

We got through SO MUCH MUSIC this week! Wow! We went through our last three songs part by part. It’s fun to hear it coming together. Obviously, we are still really rough, and we need to PRACTICE EVERY DAY to figure out and memorize those tougher parts. As always, let me know if you need recordings of any songs from practice.

Last week, I mistakenly told you to let Melanie know when you’re absent. That is incorrect. If you are going to be late to or absent from a Thursday practice, you still need to call or text our dear president, Janet Rigby, at 208-313-3487.

It’s time to start memorizing! The first three songs should be memorized by next Thursday, February 16. Sing a Song, Time in a Bottle, and Simple Gifts should be prepared to sing without sheet music so that we can watch Lisa and start perfecting these songs. Happy Practicing! -Kali Hathaway, 208-709-5437


Memorize by Thursday

104-105: we are the upper alto note


Practice breath work in this song. Only breathe where there is a rest or breath mark.

Also, watch dynamics, lots of crescendos and decrescendos so that it sounds like the song is breathing.

33: unison on “lone”

Each time we say “my” needs to have a rounder tone. Overall, a rounder tone needed throughout the song.


7, 31, 35, 55, 59: staccato “doot”

8, 32, 36, 56, 60: drop the pitch at the end of “wah”


51: watch those notes

54: subito – suddenly soft

89: soft

90: cut off, it’s only an 1/8 note


When saying “way”, say “weh” and don’t spread mouth too wide

54: Everyone will sing, not a solo


Memorize by Thursday

Round out the tones throughout song

37: come in with a rich, fuller sound

39: take that 1/8 rest

75, 82: cut off “box” and take the full rest


Get to the “n” sound of “on” by the third 1/8 count every single time!

14-21: we must know the counting so that our voices drop at the same time on each “woo”

33: no breath between “Underground” & “Railroad”

45: soft

Learn where all the repeats and codas go


Memorize by Thursday

32: our part splits, please take the correct note


25: we are struggling to find the right notes the first time we sing “country roads take me home.” Let’s practice so we can get it right from the start!


4-8: these notes are not intuitive and need to be practiced to be learned

44-52: “Erie” starts on C flat (aka B), whereas measures 80-86 “Erie”starts on a C. Please take note of—and learn—the difference.

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