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Alto 1 - February 23, 2023

Thanks to all who attended our sectional on Thursday. We are moving along, but there’s still so much to learn. We can do it! By this Thursday, March 2, we need to learn Singin’ the 70s, Never One Thing, and Bridge Over Troubled Water. We rehearsed all of them this week, so if you need me to send you a recording, let me know. Start learning Harriet Tubman, You Will Be Found, and A Place in the Choir, which are the songs we need to learn by March 9. These target dates are when we should try to put away our music and sing from memory. The sooner we can do that, the sooner we can watch Lisa and figure out which parts we need to work on.

As always, we need a rounder sound on all songs!


Take deeper breaths so we don’t have to breathe during phrases. Rounder tone.

25-33: no breath

67: sing “mount” louder

103: “I” is an 1/8 note

132: “And” is an A (not an E) and an 1/8 note, not a ¼ note

134: “will” is a quarter note

152: so crucial that we watch Lisa for the timing


Lisa says, “This song needs to be perfect next week.”

65, 69: sing “la la la” on all the notes played in the treble clef

25: “sky” should sound more like skah

26: enunciate the “t” in “what”

79: no breath between “so” and “take”

89 vs. 97: notice that we sing different notes


Dynamics are so important!

23: a few are still missing the timing on “some”

38, 70: remember “ca” is a ¼ note


5: don’t go wide on “weary”

21: important that “water” is unison

24-25: airy and light sound “like a bridge”

32-33: gently “I will comfort you”

43: “troubled water” in unison

53: learn that G at the start of the measure because the Sop2s are on an A that rubs


11-13: those “hoo”s are tough. Keep practicing, and the timing will come.

41-66: observe the quick rests to keep the energy up

67: cut off quickly

81: no breath between “name” and “I’ll”


No vibrato at all in this song. Watch for lots of changes in dynamics.

12: look at timing of “honey.” “Hon” is an 1/8 note and we move pitches on “ey”

19: extra stress on “one” and “no”

43: stress “fight”

95-96: practice the timing

122: unison

123: no breath between “belly” and “I”

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