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Alto 1 - March 2, 2023


· sing with a rounder tone,

· observe rests and only breathe where indicated (or stagger breathing),

· try to start singing without sheet music and test your memorization,

· I’m happy to share recordings from practice if you request them,

· let Janet know if you’re going to be late or missing from a Thursday practice.


· March 9 at 6:00 PM is solo tryouts.

· March 16 at 6:00 PM in the Relief Society Room is an Alto Sectional.

· By this Thursday, March 9, we need to memorize A Place in the Choir, Harriet Tubman, and You Will Be Found.

· By the following Thursday, March 16, we need to learn Lineage, Grandpa, Boogie Shoes, and Anyway

You're doing so great. Let me know if you need questions answered, help with a part at sectional, or a recording sent to you!

Love you all to pieces!

Kali Hathaway


These songs are coming along so beautifully, and I get thrilled when I hear us sing with the accompaniment! Keep practicing every single day!


Sing rounder

Take deep breaths

32: no breath

51: rounder “ah”s

56-67: we sing the melody. Make sure you’re not singing too low.

60: no breath between “come” and “to”

73, 77, 80, 83: “mind” needs to be round, not wide


5: no break between “belly” and “I”

33: observe rest after “broken”

115-116, 122: unison, do not harmonize

121: watch the notes


10-13, 16-17: keep practicing the “hoo oo oo”s. We are going to get the timing right one of these days!

67: cut that note off quickly

71, 75: “baby” sing ending with “eh” or “ih” instead of “ee” sound

74: watch that rest

103: the last note of the song is a C, which is different from all the other times we sing “nough” on a D


14-15: watch Lisa for the timing

27: we need to be right on pitch. If you can’t sing that high, please mouth the words

29-30: unison

31: don’t slide up to the B flat for “stream”

57-59: unison. Especially watch the A flat (“a”-cross the silence) in measure 57

68-69: stay on G on “you”

73: “if you only” watch timing

76, 78: Big Breath at the end of measure 76 because there’s no breath before coming into measure 79

87-94: “You are not alone” don’t say a hard T sound. More like “you are nada lone”

95: whisper voice

102: “You will be found” we are higher than the second sopranos

103, 105: come in on time


This is such a fun song. Learn the lyrics. Watch Lisa for timing and dynamics.

30: “hoo”s need to sound more hollow and we need to know our note

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