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Alto 1 notes - Jan 19, 2023

Hi Ladies,

What a wonderful first week of rehearsals we had! I love these songs already. If you want me to text you my recordings of practice, just let me know. I record each song individually as we sing, and the recordings are really helpful for learning our part.

A few reminders:

· don’t talk or practice your part when other parts are practicing,

· mark your music lightly,

· don’t wear perfume to practice.

If/when the Alto 1 part splits on any songs this season, always go to the higher or lower note based on this list…

HIGH NOTE – Ashley, Elicia, Heidi, Julie, Kali, Kirsten, Marie, Thea

LOW NOTE – Heather, Janet, Lori, Melanie, Pam, Ronda, Shelese, Tracy

This week, please practice through the songs we already rehearsed, and be prepared to work on Forever Country, Harriet Tubman, You Will Be Found, Singin in the 70s, Never One Thing, and Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Please contact me if you have questions or problems. I can help you get things resolved. Happy singing!


Kali Hathaway


1/18 - 1/19 Alto 1 Notes


No vibrato

25, 27 Bump those middle notes to give a little emphasis

31 Don’t miss saying “yeah”

33-39 Watch those lyrics


Soft and ethereal sound. Round, beautiful, and gentle.

24-25 make the t’s in “bottle” more of a “d” sound. Hold “bottle” right up to the short rest/breath

38 more emphasis on “could”

39 Take that rest before “forever”

43 “come” is a ¼ note. Watch the timing.

75 cut off “box”


Only breathe where there are rests or breath marks

5 unison “and when we find ourselves in”

7, 23 “valley” more long A sound than long E

13 we come in on the same note the sopranos just sang

18 practice carefully that G# on “be”

24 make sure you sing the correct lyrics “love, and delight”

25 that’s a D#

32 we split on “de” based on the list above


These notes are tricky at the beginning. Just keep practicing, and we will get it.

38 ¼ note for “Ca”


Light and nostalgic

Pay close attention to timing throughout

33-35 don’t breathe

41, 45 staccato “uh”


Rest until measure 25

Watch timing throughout

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