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Alto 1 notes - Jan 26, 2023

Hello Ladies,


Please reply “Yes” or “Got it” to the email I sent so I can be sure everyone is receiving our weekly section notes.


We had another fabulous week of rehearsals! Thank you for giving your whole hearts to learning this music. It will be worth it! Ronda provided some good memorization tools on the last page of our newsletter this week, so look them over. If you need me to send you recordings of our practices, I can text each song to you individually. Just let me know.


Please PRACTICE EVERY DAY through the songs we learn each week. Make note of the items I send in the weekly notes below. For next week, be prepared to learn Place in the Choir, Lineage, Grandpa, Boogie Shoes, Cover Me in Sunshine, and Like a River.


If you have questions or problems, music related or general choir in nature, please call, text, email, or talk to me at practice. I am here to make this the best experience possible for all of us and to alleviate some of the burden that Lisa carries. Have a great week!


Love you all,

Kali Hathaway




27: “home” is on a G#. we will get it, but for now we tend to sing the same A we sang for “roads”

43, 45, 51, 53: observe the rests

63, 93: don’t breathe between “place” and “I”

115: careful with the timing

121-end: nice round tones

132: “And” is on an A this time, not an E like all the other times



No vibrato at all in this song

Every time you sing “Come on up,” you need to get to that “n” sound as soon as you can

14-21: learn the timing on the “woo”s because we need to be exactly together

25, 29: practice sliding “mine” from the C to the D

33: no breath between “Underground” and “Railroad”

44: softly



Lots of timing to practice in this song.5: come in soft and gentle

14: change “So” to ¼ note instead of 1/8

15: don’t sing so hard on “ing” of “feeling”

31: “stream” note is different from sopranos

42: everyone sings

57: watch the A flat in “across” that you’re not going to the G that we hit later on “the silence”

66: that’s an E flat (don’t match the second sopranos on the F)

67: “through” is a 1/16 note, don’t hold it, observe the rest

68-69: “you” doesn’t change notes, stay on the G

79-86: this is the only ff of the whole song, watch the dynamics


Work on this song so you get the vibe

17-18: practice the notes for “world to see”

44: watch that A flat on “bu”

46, 49: the B naturals seem to be off

67: the note goes up to a B natural, doesn’t continue down as it seems it should



The hardest part about this song will be learning the lyrics. Start on them now.



19: observe the rest

21: E natural

41-42: watch the G# & G natural

43: “trou” is a ¼ note, not an 1/8 this time

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