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Alto 2 - February 16, 2023

Sing a Song:

-Measure 9 emphasize “When”

-Make all “bah daps” light and fun”

-Measure 41 emphasize “Bring”

-Measure 48 make “give” really short

-Measure 48-49 almost staccato

-get excited on all “yeah”s

-light and lifted on all “sing it”

-bounce all “song”

-Measure 49 emphasize “Ch”

Time in a Bottle:

-softer and lighter “oo’s”

-Measure 34 away = a-weh

-more bright and tender

-Measures 9, 10, 128, 129 Do Not slide

-Measures 41, 81, 112 hold half note until rest

-Big breath before 54 & 62

Simple Gifts:

-Measures 17-23 stagger breathing

-Measures 17-19 lift “gift”

-No breath between measures 10-11

-Measures 4, 23, 31 “val-ley” needs to be strong weak

-tall, round vowels

-measure 32 and = ahn

Erie Canal:

-Bounce “Erie, Erie, Erie” always

-Measure 14 don’t drag

-Measure 15 put a “t” before “a”

-Measure 30 emphasize “H” on hey

-Measure 30 & 62 bounce “Buf-fa-lo”

-Measure 26-30 stager breathing

Forever Country:

-Measure 29 No breathe after “home”

-Measure 48 & 56 way=weh

-Measure 41 come in strong and regal

-Watch ALL rests

-Measure 116 take the “s” off “this” and put it in front of “I”


-Measure 32 big breath, do not breathe until measure 36

-Measure emphasize “h” in hills

-Measure 99 emphasize “may”

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