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Alto 2 - March 2, 2023

March 9th: Remember if you signed up for the solos. Auditions for 6 soloists in Never One Thing and 3 soloists in Friendship. 6:00pm in the chapel, be prepared to sing all parts.

March 16th: Alto Sectional @ 6:00pm in the Relief Society Room. Ellen will be accompanying us.

Bridge Over Troubled Water:

-Measure 32, say it like you are telling a dear family member or friend. Really mean it.

-Measures 51-54, sing rich and round

-Measures 55-58 sing very softly

-Measure 62 “way” = weh

Never One Thing:

-Measure 22 ne-ver should be strong-weak

-Measure F, emphasis on Lion, Swan, Bull

sing “am, the” tiny

Singin’ In the 70’s:

-Measures 71, 80, “baby” = ba-beh

-No breath after measure 80

-“name” = nem (anywhere you see it)

You Will Be Found:

-Measures 27-33 If you don’t feel that you can reach those higher notes, drop out and come back in at 34

-Measure 42, sing very gently

-Measure 77, take a really big breath and DO NOT BREATHE between 78-79

-Measure 95, all sing, but softly

-Measure 99, stream-in = stream-in in

-Measure 102, we are higher than 2nd sopranos

-Measures 102-103, no breath

-Be stronger at the end when we are singing by ourselves.

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