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Alto 2 - February 9, 2023

Thank you all! Things are sounding good all around me.

We’d like to welcome Anita Burke!!! She will be singing with our lovely low alto group.

We’ve been asked to please remember not to sing over other people in the choir. If you can't hear other people around you, you’re probably too loud. (Not a huge issue with our group, just be mindful.)

Like A River in My Soul:

-Remember rich, round tone for the entire song.

-Measure 43 sing LOUD

-Measure 66 take a good breath during the rest

-Measure 67 no breath between ocean and soul

Hey! Ho! Fiddle-Eye-O!:

-Measure 54 get suddenly quiet, kind of close to a whisper

-Measure 26 watch the rest

-Measures 27, 54, 89 remember “could” not would


-anytime you say “way” have it sound more like “weh”

-Measure 54 we are all singing unison

Time in a Bottle:

-Remember a rich, round tone throughout the whole song

-Measure 54 goes to swing

-Measures 75, 82 be careful with the word box, don’t draw it out

-Measures 24, 111, Do not emphasize the “t” on bottle

Simple Gifts:

-Remember measures 27-28

Top Note: Anita Burke, Anna Walker, Christy Whitman, Eden Howard, Ellen Knapp, Gerrolyn Anderson, Holly Hancock

Bottom Note: Kathryn Berggren, Mary Anderson, Maureen Jenkins, Meya Fitzgerald, Nancy Jardine, Sheri Long

-Measures 8, 32 pronounce “de-light” as dih-light


-There will be 3 solos and a double trio in this song

-slide down on all “wah”s

Harriet Tubman:

-Measures 22, 26 emphasis on “huh, huh”

-put your “n” on all “on”s in “Come o-n up”

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