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Alto 2 - February 23, 2023

Thank all those who were able to make it to sectionals on the 23rd. I know it helped me! We are still planning our next sectional for Thursday Mar. 16th @ 6pm in the Relief Society. Please come!

Forever Country:

-Measures 25, 33, 57, 65 take a big breath right before

-Measures 35, 67 emphasize “M” in mountain


-Measure 25 sky = ska

-Measure 26 what is = wha tis

-Measures 65, 69 sing la la la, follow the right hand piano accompaniment

Bridge Over Troubled Water:

-Measure 5 weary = wea-reh

-Measure 8 big breath

-Measures 24, 25, 55, 57 softly, kind of breathy

-Big breath before measure 51

-51-54 if you need a breath, make sure to stagger your breathing

Never one Thing:

-There will be 6 soloists (a clipboard with sign ups for interest was passed around at practice)

-Measure 57 make it sound like blowing through a pop bottle

-Measure 77 salve = saa-ve

-emphasize “fi” in all “fighter”

Singin in the 70’s:

-start singing at measure 10 with all choir

-Measure 17 emphasize “world”

-Make sure you are singing “you”, not you’ve

-Make sure you are singing “hoo oo oo”, not hoo hoo hoo

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