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Alto 2 notes - Feb 2, 2023

Alto 2 Notes 2/2

A Place in the Choir:

-Measure 18 emphasize “h” on hoot

-Measure 23 por-cu-pine is pork-ya-pine

-Measures 30-34 rich sound on “hoo”, like blowing in a jug

-Measures 38-42 buzz like a bumble bee

Boogie Shoe:

-Measure 6 emphasize “b” in boy, no slide

-Measure 9 change “and” to uh-huh; uh-huh, uh-huh will be all 1/8 notes 🎵 🎵. 

-Do not put S on the end of “shoes” at any time. 


-Study all notes a dynamics very carefully 

-Measures 14,16, 61, 63, 65, 71 change “Hm” to mmm

-Measure 22 earth needs to be sung strong weak

-Measure 23 “and” needs to be a very round tone, more like ahnd 

-Measure 31 cut off stir-di-ness properly, no snakes 🐍 

-watch carefully “my grandmothers were strong” and “my grandmothers are strong”

-Measure 67 ending changed to 

One day    I      will          be   as      they. 

  3.     4.    1.2.    3.    4.

(Note counts)


(Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days)

-Measure 5 “grandpa” needs to be strong weak

-Measure 9 change “easy” to “hazy”

Cover Me In Sunshine

-Measure 30 change “this” to “the”

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