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Alto 2 notes - January 19, 2023

Sing a Song:

Measures 27, 57, 59, 63, 92, 96 bump the 2nd note

Time in a Bottle:

-make your oo’s sound like you are blowing through a bottle

-round tones

-measure 38, emphasize “could” just slightly

-we want to sound like one voice when singing in unison

Simple Gifts:

-measures 7, 23, 31 the word valley should not have a hard ee sound. It should be closer to val-leh.

-measures 27-28

note splitting:

Top Note: Anna Walker, Christy Whitman, Eden Howard, Ellen Knapp, Gerrolyn Anderson, Holly Hancock

Bottom Note: Kathryn Berggren, Mary Anderson, Maureen Jenkins, Meya Fitzgerald, Nancy Jardine, Sheri Long

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