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Alto 1 notes - Feb 2, 2023

A few items to remember:

·        Email or text Melanie Belnap if you will be absent from a Thursday practice. 208-521-1801

·        Please don’t sing while other sections are practicing.

·        If you can’t hear the people around you, you’re probably singing too loudly.

·        We’re considering sectional practices for all altos (1 & 2) on March 9 and April 13 at 6:00 p.m. If lots of people have conflicts with these dates/times we can adjust, so please let me know.

·        Next week, be prepared to learn Hey Ho Fiddle Eye O, Friendship, and Anyway

·        By February 16, try to have Sing a Song, Time in a Bottle, and Simple Gifts MEMORIZED!



We sang all the way through with accompaniment. If you’d like the recording, I can text it to you.



5: notice that we accelerate here

18: put a lot of “h” on the “hoot”

Square G: hollow sound like when you blow over a pop bottle

Square H: deep and loud

36-37: learn timing on “hip”popotamus and “t’ do”



Throughout song, do not sing the “s” on shoes, just sing it as “shoe”

Lots of rests between words and phrases in this song. Cut off on time.

6: don’t slide on “boy”

8, 24, 71: pop singer attitude

9: change lyrics to “uh-huh, uh-huh”

10: learn notes and timing on “wait”



Study and learn the dynamics

Pay attention to when lyrics say “were” vs “are”

23: round tone on “and”

31: not a lot of “s” sound at the end of “sturdiness”

59: we move to the upper alto note, a D

67-70: lyrics changed to “One day I will be as they” and “I will” are both half notes



10, 13, 14: extra 1/8 rest before we come in on the first verse

11: don’t change notes on the second verse

19: lyric is “hazy” instead of easy

36-42: sing “ooo” on the alto note of the accompaniment



30: change lyric from this to “the”

88: “ning” note is an E not a G



Such a beautiful song, just keep those tones round.


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